Our Special Bar blends are offered exclusively to foodservice customers and use the highest quality coffee beans available.

Our Blends

Vittoria Coffee Special Bar Blends Cinque Stelle

Cinque Stelle®

Vittoria Coffee's premiere espresso blend, Cinque Stelle® (five star) is exclusive to fine dining restaurants. This blend of premium 100% Arabica coffee beans delivers a smooth, delicate finish on the palate. Created as an after-dinner coffee, it is best served as an espresso.

Vittoria Coffee Special Bar Blends Oro


Vittoria Coffee's most popular foodservice blend, Oro® (gold) is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans. It has become famous for its ability to consistently deliver a smooth and full-flavour cup, whether served as an espresso or as a milk-based coffee.

Vittoria Coffee Special Bar Blends Organic


Vittoria's Organic coffee blend is a medium-dark roast that creates a well-rounded, full-flavour coffee. Certified Organic and Rainforest alliance certified and approved to meet stringent social and environmental standards. For every 2.20lbs sold, Vittoria will donate $1 to the OzHarvest charity.

Vittoria Coffee Special Bar Blends Decaffeintated

Espresso Decaffeinated

A 100% Arabica coffee blend, decaffeinated naturally using the Swiss Water Decaffeination process. Vittoria Espresso Decaffeinated Beans create a medium body cup with an authentic Italian espresso flavour.

A black and white sketch of a large bag of Vittoria Coffee Single Origin coffee beans

Single Origin: Ethiopia

Grown under shade from indigenous trees, this cup is a bold, complex, and delightfully fruity Guji, the taste of which reflects the high standards of harvesting and processing with the Kercha Word region. The cup carries a fruity flavour, sweet candy like aroma, has touches of wine notes throughout and finishes with a silky texture.

Our Special Bar coffee blends are produced exclusively for the foodservice industry. Each blend contains the finest 100% premium Arabica coffee beans sourced from all over the world. They are blended, roasted and packed locally in Australia to ensure freshness.