Pioneers of the great Australian coffee industry.
We have remained a family owned business since 1958.
Vittoria Coffee's Les Shirato (CEO) with his brother and family boarding their ship to come to Australia for the first time.

The Beginning

It was in 1947, that Italian brothers Orazio and Carmelo first spotted an opportunity to introduce a taste of their Italian heritage to their new home, Australia. Beginning as a small family business importing products including mineral water, parmesan cheese and pasta to their adoptive country, they were longing for the much-loved Italian ritual of a daily espresso.

Vittoria Coffee bean being churned in one step of their roasting process
Vittoria Coffee being served out of the back of a van to cyclists in Italy in 1960

Vittoria Coffee Brand

They began supplying small batches of the finest quality Arabica coffee to Sydney's first Italian cafés and restaurants, with each blend personally created by the family. Today, thanks to owner and entrepreneurial CEO, Les Schirato AM, Vittoria Coffee has grown to become a household name and continues to set the standard for Australia's iconic café culture and obsession with coffee.

Two older Italian men standing out front of a cafe, with a hanging Vittoria Coffee sign in the window

This hands-on approach, combined with a highly advanced distribution network, global warehousing and fulfilment capabilities, a dedicated sales force and an award winning marketing department, all contribute to Vittoria Coffee proudly standing as a highly visible and successful Australian business. Furthermore, it is widely acknowledged that our Australian based roasting facility is one of the most sophisticated in the southern hemisphere, roasting the finest quality beans sourced from producers the world over.