All our success has been achieved through the combined efforts, talents and passion of our dedicated staff.
Careers at Vittoria Coffee - Les Schirato speaking at the Good Food awards

Careers at Vittoria Coffee

At Vittoria Coffee, we know that our people are the key to our success. All of our success and achievements have been through the combined efforts, talents and passions of our dedicated staff. This is why we invest in continuous growth and development of our people, encouraging our employees to pursue new career opportunities within the company. With a history spanning almost seventy years and three generations, we are proud of the fact that we still have multiple generations of staff members working in the business today.

Senior Vittoria management team on the red carpet at the Gourmet Traveller awards
Vittoria Coffee CEO, Les Shirato and son MD, Rolando Shirato standing in front of an exposed brick wall

Building Futures

In such a dynamic environment the graduates gain experience across different business disciplines while taking part in a rigorous program of coaching, training and development, which includes coffee and equipment training, sales and marketing training and dedicated time with our MD and CEO.
Once graduates have completed their program, each individual is in the ideal position to move into their area of preference at Vittoria Coffee.

3 young Vittoria Coffee employees working at an event standing with arms around each others waists