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latte- cups

Vittoria Fashion Series Ceramic Crockery

Vittoria's fashionable cups can now be collected as elegant crockery for hotels, cafes, restaurants and at home. The collection spans latte cups, cappuccino cups and espresso cups, and features some of the most popular designs from previous seasons. We teamed up with We Are Handsome and We Are Kindred to create the ceramic series. Both labels looked to their own collections for vibrant patterns including tropical plants, retro beach scenes, zebra marks and leopard prints.

The original Vittoria Fashion Series is a collection of takeaway cups decorated with original prints by a clutch of leading Australian designers - is now a highly anticipated collaboration that takes shape each year. Part of the campaign's appeal is its ephemeral nature: the on-trend, style-savvy takeaway cups are limited edition accessories with a short life span. That said, many people have requested more permanent versions of the vivid cups, and this season we're honouring their wish with ceramic versions of the Fashion Series.
Espresso - cups

The fine china cups are durable, dishwasher-safe, and, we think you'd agree, make drinking your daily caffeinated beverage a little bit more stylish. Plus, they're surely the most accessible way to acquire a piece of these respected designer brands.