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Hearts For Makamba

Hearts for Makamba

Hearts for Makamba provides innovative solutions by addressing the issues that locals face daily. An education centre was built by the foundation which assists both children and adults develop essential skills, ultimately improving their quality of life. This is achieved by providing free courses and programs in computing, health and hygiene, sewing, hair dressing, and English.

Hearts for Makamba assist communities in developing the necessary skills required to run a soap making businesses. In addition they provide seeds to women for harvesting and have built seven clean drinking water systems across the country. These initiatives have developed a sustainable source of income and food for various communities and their families.
Vittoria Coffee has assisted the foundation through financial contribution over the years which has helped build the education centre and provide much needed laptop computers.

Our customers across Canberra, Sydney and South Coast New South Wales additionally show their support for the cause through the display of donation boxes. Furthermore, staff members of these café’s and restaurants willingly sacrifice tips that are directly donated to the foundation.

The people of Makamba enjoy the benefits provided by the foundation as a result of the generosity of all the Australians who contribute to the cause.

To find out more about Hearts for Makamba, or to personally contribute to their works, please visit their Facebook Page.