Contributing to causes locally and abroad.
We recognise that with great success comes great responsibility.
Vittoria Coffee's Rolando Shirato (MD) and Oz Harvest's Ronni Khan (founder) at a charity event

Our Support

Being part of a bigger cause has always been important to the whole team at Vittoria. Giving back and supporting those most in need forms part of our day-to-day activity.

Our friends at OzHarvest can attest to this, with $1 from every 2.20lbs bag of Vittoria Organic Coffee going straight to their food rescue program. This donation supports OzHarvest in collecting and redistributing excess food from across the industry, saving it from waste and redirecting it to nourish those most in need. 

Captain Starlight playing princess games with a sick child

We collaborate with OzHarvest, Project Two Eight Two Eight, The Cambodian Children's Trust, Starlight Children's Foundation, Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation, Curran Foundation, Hearts for Makamba, Friends of the Mater Foundation, St Vincent's and Tour De Cure.

A long table setup for an OzHarvest charity event

Charity Partners

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